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The lights go out, the air crackles, a feeling of suspense everywhere..... and then, the legendary beginning of „That's Alright“ can be heard. The entire stage seems to explode, wild lights are flashing, and there he comes, Elvis Presley, the greatest entertainer of all times, the king of Rock 'n Roll. No artist in the world has ever mesmerized people the way Elvis Presley did with over 1.5 billion recordings sold, and represented in five Halls of Fame: Rock 'n Roll – Rockabilly – Country – Blues - and Gospel! And more than 35 years after his premature death, his fame shines brighter than ever.....

During the Roll Agents' show, „ The Elvis Xperience“, the audience once again immerses back into the time during which Elvis, at his best, inspired millions of concert-goers. The formation of the Roll Agents, with their unique interpretation of an Elvis concert, captivates the audience and makes them shiver with excitement. The perfect harmoney of the musicians, revolving around the Elvis interpreter, Nils Strassburg, (who was awarded as Germany's best Elvis interpreter by the Elvis Presley Society and Time Warner) take over the part with impressive authenticity and recreate the exact feeling and atmosphere of the time and inspire the audience from the first to the last minute.

The rousing arrangement of the band emotionalizes the audience and the energy-loaded stage show is the most awesome unification of the greatest entertainer ever, as well as an unforgettable period in time. The Roll Agents' show is lead by none other than Stuttgart's leading cult comedian, Michael Gaedt.

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